We created The Phone Temple out of necessity. We felt a strong need to create more mobile phone-free spaces, but realized how hard it is to stove away your phone in a good way. Leaving it upside down on the table didn’t do the trick. If it’s within arms reach you will still pick it up. 

Leaving it in a drawer didn’t feel enough, and we quickly understood we needed a much better place to stove away our cellular phones. We realized this place needed to be able to store many phones (at least 6) so that there’s place for your family and friends, and so to influence them on joining in on the phone-free space. It needed to be a design piece you want to have clearly visible in your home, so that you will be reminded of its purpose.

We believe in performing a ceremonial act and leaving your phone in the box for a while so that you have the peace to focus on yourself.


When you have your phone in sight or nearby, your cortisol levels rise. Even when you hear your phone, or only think that you hear your phone you will feel more stressed. This is what research tells us, and that is why we felt a need to develop a product that could create a more relaxed home environment. 

It also seems to be more and more rare to witness a group of friends/familymembers who are a 100% devoted to spending time with each other these days. The phone is constantly present in some way or another. Our phone temple, with it’s sleek design, allows everybody to park their phones for a few hours and give their friends and family all of the attention.


The Mobile Temple is a concept created by ODD Company and designed by design duo Farrago from Sweden.

The Phone Temple is a wooden box, carefully designed for you, to turn off and stove away the cell phone when you are home. The box is a temple, which helps you to respect your phone time. Outside the temple you can use your phone freely and unobstructed but when the phone is in the temple you let it, like yourself, rest.

A temple is firmly rooted in the ground. The mountain tops inside the box is represented as a symbol of stability, to be grounded. The Phone Temple carries a weight at the bottom and steady as a mountain, the temple takes care of the phones in separate compartments. We believe in performing a ceremonial act and leaving your phone in the box for a while so that you have the peace to focus on yourself.Farragi

The Mobile Temple is easy to set up. Place it somewhere in your house. Tentatively in your kitchen, living room or in the hallway. Make it visible so you that you will get a daily reminder.


The first batch of the Phone temple is now available for purchase! Selling at a price of $150 (+shipping). If you are interested in purchasing your own temple, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you! If you have any questions please email us at eric@oddcompany.se